From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

Five Advantages of Using Split-System Air Conditioners in Your Bed and Breakfasts

Roy Hughes

A split-system air conditioning unit is ideal for a bed and breakfast. Wondering which advantages this type of cooling system offers? Here's a look at the benefits for a bed and breakfast in particular:

1. Split-system ACs allow you to create zones in your home.

With a bed and breakfast, there may be times that you are full to capacity, and there may be other times when you have empty rooms. Cooling the whole home when it's not being used wastes energy and drives up your electrical bills. Luckily, however, if you have a split system, you can turn on or off different areas as needed.

2. Split systems have separate thermostats.

As each system is separate, each unit has its own thermostat. If you have a mini-split AC unit in each guest's room along with a thermostat, you put the controls for cooling in their hands. That helps to make their experience more comfortable and boosts the chances they may post a positive review of your B&B online. Additionally, as many B&B's don't have separate thermostats for each room like hotels often do, it's a selling point you can leverage to attract more guests to your facility.

3. Split-system air conditioners are easier to add to extensions.

In many cases, people who convert their homes into bed and breakfasts use every bit of space that is available. That may mean turning a seasonal porch into a bedroom, converting a garage into guest quarters or adding an extension. In all cases, it is easier to cool these areas with a split-system air conditioner than it is to extend your duct work into them.

4. Split systems take less time to install than ducted systems.

Whether you are dealing with an extension or any other part of your home, if you want to replace your cooling system or add a new one, a split system is easier to install. Ducted systems require installers to get into walls or beneath floors to install ducts. Then, they have to connect everything to an outdoor condenser.

With a mini-split air conditioner, a small unit gets mounted on the wall. Then, this connects to the condenser outside with some tubing.

5. Split systems don't have ducts, which protects indoor air quality.

If you want your guests to sleep well, you need to provide them with great air quality. Unfortunately, ducts can harbour dust and other allergens. Luckily, however, with a ductless split system, you don't have to worry about that.



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