From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

Five Tips to Help Avoid Dishwasher Repairs If You Own a Bed and Breakfast

Roy Hughes

If you run a bed and breakfast, you likely do a lot of dishes. Ultimately, that can take its toll on your dishwasher and it may even cause it to need repairs. Want to keep your dishwasher running as effectively as possible so that you can avoid dishwasher repairs? Take a look at these tips and ideas:

1. Support your dishwasher with a rinse sink.

The most food particles that are left on the dishes you put in the dishwasher, the harder that machine has to work. If excess food particles get into your dishwasher, it may get clogged and that can reduce its efficacy. To make rinsing dishes easy, consider putting in a rinse sink.

This is basically just an extra large sink with a detachable spray hose, much like the type used in commercial kitchens. Its large size allows you to put big pans, large cutting boards, tall stacks of boarders' plates and other big items in it easily.

2. Use as many filters as possible.

Most dishwashers have a small filter in them. If food particles get into the dishwasher, the filters catch them and prevent them from being drained out of the machine and clogging its drain pipes. Make sure that all of the filters on your machine are intact, and if not, replace any missing ones. Then, remember to clean them on a regular basis. As you are likely busy running multiple aspects of your b and b, you probably don't have time to make sure every dish is rinsed completely clean, even if you do have a nice rinse sink.

3. Don't forget to clean the spray arms.

In addition to food building up near the filters, food may also build up in the little holes where water sprays out of the spinning spray arms. This can also create problems and necessitate dishwasher repairs. To prevent a build-up, remove the rinse arms on a regular basis and wash them in a sink of hot water.

4. Opt for a commercial dishwasher.

As a bed and breakfast owner, you likely do a lot more dishes than the average homeowner. As a result, a regular dishwasher may not be up to the task. Consider replacing your dishwasher with a commercial dishwasher. Those are designed to stand the constant wear and tear associated with lots of use. They also tend to handle pots and pans more effectively than a residential dishwasher which can ultimately help to save you time and to avoid repairs.

5. Make sure your dishwasher is in a grounded outlet.

Regardless of which type of dishwasher you select, make sure that it is plugged into a grounded outlet or hardwired into your system. As you have multiple guests in your home, you may be using a lot of power. You need to ensure that the dishwasher isn't going to trip a circuit, cause your guests not to have access to the electricity they need, or blow a fuse and quit working.



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