From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

Four Signs You Need Commercial Refrigeration in Your Bed and Breakfast

Roy Hughes

If you are turning your home into a bed and breakfast, there are several changes and modifications you may need to make. Wondering if your fridge is up to the task or if you should invest in a commercial refrigeration system? Here are some signs you should talk with a commercial refrigeration salesperson:

1. Local regulations mandate you modify your kitchen to meet hygiene requirements.

In many areas of Australia, owners of bed and breakfasts are obligated to have their kitchens inspected, and they may have to modify their kitchens to make them compliant with local food safety and hygiene regulations. If your area requires this and the inspector indicates that you need a new fridge, you may want to upgrade to a commercial unit.

2. You have lots of rooms and plan to serve multiple meals per day.

If your bed and breakfast only has room for a couple of guests and you only plan to serve breakfast, you likely don't need a lot of extra storage space for food. However, if you plan to have a dozen or even more guests on a regular basis and you plan to provide multiple meals, you may want the space offered by a commercial refrigeration system. There are multiple options, from upright commercial fridges to walk-ins.

3. Your kitchen has plenty of room for a walk-in fridge.

If you think you need a walk-in fridge to accommodate all the food you plan to have on hand, you need somewhere to put it. Do you have a small breakfast nook, a large pantry or any other space that could be easily converted into a cold room? Then, it may be time to talk with a refrigeration specialist about the options.

4. Wine and beer served at your establishment need special refrigeration.

In other cases, the fridges in your kitchen may be fine, but you may need commercial refrigeration for the drinks you plan to serve. In particular, if you plan to serve dinner with wine and you like lots of white wine, chilled Spanish reds or any other wine that needs to be cold, you may want to talk with a commercial refrigeration expert about installing a refrigerated wine cellar or storage room. These rooms can also be customised to the right temps to hold red wine -- if you don't have a cellar and you live somewhere hot, refrigeration may be a necessity for reds as well.

Similarly, if you plan to have a few taps of beer available for guests to imbibe in the evening or on hot afternoons, you may also need refrigeration for your kegs. A refrigeration specialist can help you find a spot in the basement or another part  of your home for this type of unit and then help you install the lines leading to the beer taps.

Want to learn more about the benefits and possibilities for commercial refrigeration in bed and breakfasts? Contact a commercial refrigeration expert.


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