From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

Commercial Buildings: Equipment and Systems You Can Install to Deal with Fire Hazards

Roy Hughes

The safety of the occupants should be given precedence in commercial buildings. One way of doing this is to install firefighting systems and equipment throughout the buildings to enable both occupants and rescue teams to deal with fire effectively. The type of systems and equipment that you go for will vary according to the immediate safety need in various places within the building. For example, a fire extinguisher installed in a place where the likely cause of fire is flammable liquid will be different that installed in a room where the likely cause of fire is an electrical fault. For first-time buyers, here are a few pieces of fire equipment that you should consider having in your commercial building:

Fire Extinguishers

Basically, a fire extinguisher is a hand-held device that discharges foam, water, gas or chemical agents meant to put out a fire. They are handy as the first line of defence for the occupants, as they can be used to contain a fire until the rescue team arrives. Since occupants may not be familiar with the type of extinguisher to use against each type of fire, you should install fire extinguishers according to the most likely cause of fire within the building space. For instance, fire extinguishers whose extinguishing agent is water are ideal for places with a high likelihood of paper and wood fires. Foam extinguishers are suitable for areas where fire may result from flammable liquids and fuels.

Fire Hose Reels

A fire hose is a high-pressure hosepipe that transfers fire retardant agents like foam or water to a fire, extinguishing it. The hose reel connects to an outdoor fire hydrant, fire engine, plumbing system or building standpipe. Hose reels will come in handy in cases where occupants are trapped in a building because of a large fire. The high-pressure output makes fire hose reels capable of containing large fires for a longer period compared to portable fire extinguishers. Ideally, fire hose reels should be easy to access. Suitable locations for fire hose reels include corridors and emergency fire exits where occupants are likely to head in case of a breakout.

Automatic Sprinklers

Automatic sprinkler systems ensure timely response to a fire in case of an emergency. The system comprises an open once only tap connected to pressurized water. In case of a fire, the sprinkler head heats up and snaps open at a certain pre-set temperature, releasing the water over the fire to extinguish it. The gushing water also has a cooling effect in the hot, smoky building. Timely response to a fire breakout enhances the safety of the occupants and property in the building. 


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