From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

Does Your Cafe's Coffee Grinder Need a Fan?

Roy Hughes

Getting the right coffee-making equipment is really important when you're opening a new café. You need to serve up good-quality coffee that makes customers want to come back.

While you may be keen to keep things simple to save money at this stage, sometimes investing in machines with extra features pays dividends. For example, when you're looking at stand-alone coffee grinders, you'll see that some more advanced models come with built-in fans. Why do some grinders have fans? Is this something you should look for in your grinder? 

What Do Fans Do in Coffee Grinders?

As you'd expect, a fan in a coffee grinder works to keep the machine cool. It takes a lot of work to grind coffee, especially if the grinder is used a lot or regularly produces very fine grinds. The blade generates heat every time it grinds which then transfers through the grinder itself. A fan simply reduces this heat by adding air into the grinder to cool it down. These fans aren't essential components — lots of grinders don't have fans — but they can be useful.

Do You Need a Grinder With a Fan?

While buying a grinder without a fan may be cheaper, this may be a false economy for your café. A fan makes a grinder more productive. This could benefit your new business. For example, if you use a grinder without a built-in fan, then the grinder may get too hot when you're really busy. If it's been grinding away constantly for a while, then it may shut itself down to cool off.

While the grinder will work again once it's cooled down, you may have a queue of cross customers who have to wait for their coffees. If you aim to serve people quickly during busy periods like early morning coffee or lunchtime runs, then a regular grinder won't help you out. It'll just hold you up.

Also, the heat that a grinder generates can affect the quality of the coffee you grind. A hot grinder can burn coffee beans as it blitzes them. This makes coffee taste bitter and even a little burned. This may not encourage people to use your cafe regularly.

If you use a grinder with a fan, then you won't have to deal with either of these problems. The fan keeps the grinder working no matter how busy you are and delivers perfect results. If you want to find out more about grinder fans and other features that might be useful, talk to your appliance supplier.


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