From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

The Key Parts of a Washing Machine

Roy Hughes

The washing machine is a device that has many parts, and it is important to know what those are, particularly if you are thinking of servicing or repairing your equipment. This article will cover some key parts of the washing machine which often have spares available from a service centre.

1) Drain Hose

A drain hose saves water when the machine does a rinse cycle or a spin cycle by taking in cold water for rinses or transferring hot water from the drum through a coil at the bottom of the device. There are two main types: plastic and metal. Plastic hoses tend to be cheaper but may not last for long; metal hoses last longer but can be more expensive.

2) Water Inlet

This is where the water comes in from the hose and fills up inside the machine. It is important to make sure it is kept clean as it can be a source of mould or mildew growth. This is done by flushing water through it every once in a while. There are three types of water inlets: plastic, metal, and hot water. Plastic and metal are both commonly used for washing machines. Metal inlets tend to be cheaper but may rust over time, whereas plastic inlets will last longer but could be more expensive depending on the quality used. Hot water inlets are used for machines that use hot water, such as steam washers, and they can provide a constant supply of hot water for the machine to use.

3) Door Lock

The machine door lock can be found in the front of the machine, near the top. It is a safety feature that prevents children from opening or plugging in the machine without being supervised. The door lock is also used to help keep water inside of the washer while it is running; this makes it easier to control any leaks that may occur during cleaning. It also stops more expensive repairs from being needed when water spills out of the line due to little accidents during washing or rinsing cycles.

4) Motor

The motor is a very important part, yet one of the most commonly overlooked. Without it, the machine would not be able to operate properly. It transfers electric energy into mechanical energy and helps to move the drum during the various draining or spinning cycles.

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From Buying to Repairing to Recycling: A Guide to Appliances

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